The Little Fish and the Crocodile

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Sanza Mobimba

“The Little Fish and the Crocodile” is an enchanting story—and one you have certainly never heard before. What makes this film so extraordinary? It’s a creation from the imaginative minds of children from the Sanza Mobimba School in Mbomo. From brainstorming character ideas to the intricate stage design, young people were the driving force behind this creative production. 

To bring this film to life, the kids developed the journeys of their characters, as well as the world they lived in. They then took on starring roles in the film, to connect with local mythologies and to represent those in the tales they grew up hearing.

This piece has become an award-winning gem that has taken the international film festival circuit by storm, including the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival. But the magic doesn’t stop there. “The Little Fish and the Crocodile” has made its mark in museum installations at renowned venues like the Barberini Museum and Museum de Fundatie. The film also gained exposure through a feature segment on PBS Newshour and remains a cherished feature on digital festivals for children worldwide.

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