Akesi and the Congo River

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“Akesi and the Congo River” is an exhilarating three-part animated docu-fiction series centred around the coming-of-age escapades of an eight-year-old Congolese boy named Akesi. 

The series employs an enchanting blend of animation and green screen technology to transport children to the magical Congo River. Akesi, accompanied by his playful pink gecko, embarks on a journey through local mythology, history, and ecosystems, exploring themes of grief, trust, and bravery. The series not only entertains but also celebrates the rich tapestry of culture, promising an immersive experience that transcends linguistic boundaries.

This captivating series unfolds in five languages—Lingala, Dutch, German, French, and English. Hosted by notable personalities from various localities, including –  Sasheer Zamata, former Saturday Night Live cast member, and writer; Akwasi, a musician and self-professed ‘creative centipede’; Teddy Teclebrhan, comedian and host of Teddy Comedy; Gaz Mawete, a Congolese musician; and Jeny Bosenge, a Belgo-Congolese choreographer and influencer.

Akesi and the Congo River explored crucial moments in Congolese history, weaving together local mythologies with historical facts about colonisation, and underscoring the significance of environmental conservation. The series has since received more than 13 nominations and 8 awards in various acclaimed film festivals from around the world. 

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