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Get ready for the World of Us (WoU) game—an upcoming immersive gaming experience tailor-made for curious minds aged 8 and above. WoU Game merges the realms of culture, community, and nature, offering a unique blend of storytelling, learning experience, and interactive gameplay.

Brace yourself for a multiplayer game that challenges the ordinary. WoU doesn’t just entertain; it centres around real communities from around the world, weaving storytelling, education, and collaborative content creation into a mythology-inspired digital adventure. 

We’re building a space where kids embark on expeditions, where they travel, create, and learn about the world around them through the magic of play placing a strong emphasis on storytelling and the collaborative creation of educational themes. Unleash the power of imagination in this dynamic online space. 

Set to launch in 2024, you can find all the latest research and learnings from the process of developing WoU at worldofus.info.