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Auguste Miabeto

Wilfried and Kovo N’Sondé

Explore the captivating world of Congo Tales—a groundbreaking publication unveiled in 2018. Developed collaboratively over several years with the community of Mbomo-Congo, “Congo Tales” is not only a book, but also an immersive exhibition featuring Pieter Henket’s photographs and a soundscape developed by David Kemp. While the project was created to communicate the urgency of conservation efforts in the Congo Basin, TALES’ eye was caught by the unique myths and fables of the region—as told by the people who live there.

Masterfully captured by the lens of photographer Pieter Henket, inhabitants of Mbomo, a small town outside the Odzala-Kokoua national park in the Congo basin, interpret the characters of the tales that have been passed down throughout generations. The stories have been curated and written by brothers Kovo and Steve N’Sondé, edited by Brazzaville based scholar; August Miabeto, and the stories were collected by journalists Anni and Mouendet Ideme.

This immersive endeavour, led by Stefanie Plattner and Eva Vonk, celebrates the rich tapestry of Congolese storytelling whilst highlighting the impressive natural landscape of the Congo Basin. Launched initially in Brazzaville and Mbomo, the exhibition attracted over 300,000 visitors, creating a widespread impact and fostering cultural exchange.

The photo exhibition has traversed major museums and galleries across five continents. Notable venues include the Barberini Museum Potsdam, Fundatie Museum Zwolle, RijksMuseum Amsterdam, Quai Branly Museum Paris, Fotografiska Stockholm, CCAV, Kahmann Gallery Rotterdam, Photo Festival Melbourne, Rizolli’s New York City, Planetarium Berlin, and more.

The accompanying book, titled Congo Tales, published by Penguin Random House, has achieved best-seller status.

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